SFX Makeup and costume fabrication.  Our production team and their attention to detail will ensure your project will look its best from the very start.  We had makeup crews for documentaries, music videos and films, and plays.  Let our SFX production team handle your next project.

Focus Pointe Productions Provides

Concept Development – Scripting – Storyboard Treatments – Casting.  Pre-Production is the key to the entire film-making and storytelling process and is critical because of the development and planning that goes on to achieve the desired end result.  We understand the importance of your brand and the messaging behind it.  No matter how large or small, you can trust us to communicate that message.

Focus Pointe Productions

Focus Pointe Productions is a full service production company (production rigs, FX makeup and fabrication supplies).  Focus Pointe Productions is passionate about customer service and will far exceed your expectations.  Our experience and knowledge is what qualifies us to offer a wide range of multimedia service for any size project.  We can meet your creative needs at your budgets rate.  We will be hands on and shape your ideas and message into the visual experience you want to achieve.

Our productions have been seen and distributed locally, statewide, and nationally.  Every project we deliver represents our company and we make sure we are represented well.